Baosu®, founded by highly skilled engineers in plastic pipe field, is an innovative and leading company devoted in the development of PVC-O technology and PVC-O pipes. This revolutionary PVC-O technology provides more reliable and greener solutions for the water transmission and distribution industry.

As the leading company of certified PVC-O pipes in China, Baosu® business are developed in two divisions, TaijiBlue® PVC-O Tech and TaijiBlue® PVC-O Pipe. TaijiBlue® PVC-O Tech focuses on the research and development of PVC-O extrusion and orientation equipments. TaijiBlue® PVC-O Pipe focuses on the research and development of PVC-O pipe manufacturing. This two business divisions can benefit each other. The manufacturing of PVC-O pipes can provide suggestions for the designing of PVC-O extrusion and orientation equipments. The designing and manufacturing of PVC-O extrusion and orientation equipments can provide quality assurance for the manufacturing of PVC-O pipes.

As one of the established brands in Chinese market, Baosu® built its reputation through creating 30 patents of plastic pipes and editing more than 20 national plastic pipe standards. To satisfy our customers and employees, and maintaining the commitment to the environment, Baosu® implemented an Integrated Quality, Environment and Health Management System based on the standards of ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2008, and IDT: OHSAS 18001:2007 .

At Baosu®, we're always keeping the faith 'Making Pipes with Our Honesty.' That means to be honesty and professionalism facing our Employees, our Vendors, our Sales Representatives, and especially, our Customers.

Our dream is ‘Building a Greener World with PVC-O Pipe’. We will go all out cooprating with our customers, promoting the applications of the greener PVC-O pipes.